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Star Wars Day

Happy belated Star Wars day to you all!   The force - an invisible force that binds all life together which if you have a high metachlorian count you can master and produce feats of [...]


Aspirations last team event involved a lesson in making cocktails, which we threw ourselves into with gusto especially the tasting bit. The head barman took us through the process of making each cocktail: - Get clean [...]

Welcome to Mitchell

Welcome to Mitchell! We are delighted to welcome Mitchell to our team as an accounts trainee. Mitchell is currently studying the AAT qualification and is flying through his initial exams. Mitchell will help process bookkeeping [...]

Employer National Insurance Contributions April 2015

When running your April 2015 payroll remember that employer national insurance contributions for individuals under 21 were abolished in the Autumn Statement 2014. For further details click on the button below:  

Budget Review – 2015

  With plenty of light hearted banter between the opposing benches, the Chancellor, George Osborne delivered his sixth Budget. He looked to the sky (through the roof which he declared still needed fixing) for inspiration [...]

Why Do Banks Say No?

It is one of the great mysteries over the last 6 or 7 years. Why do banks say they want to lend to businesses yet so many businesses seem to fail when they apply? The [...]

South East Business Show – Champagne Winners!

Hetty Rackham of Big Plan Group – Winner of the Dot ChallengeChampagne received on Hetty’s behalf by Penny Williams“We take the Big Idea .... use an integrated marketing approach .... to make your Big Plan!Big [...]

10 reasons why small businesses fail

It is a known fact that there is a high percentage of business that fail within their first three years of setting up.  Having worked with a number of companies over the years we have [...]

If the worse should happen (v2)

What happens to your family and business if you are ill or die? Do you have life assurance, permanent health insurance and critical illness cover? Have you reviewed your policies recently? Are they still the [...]

Awards Success at Aspirations

The team at Aspirations are celebrating being listed as finalists for not one but two awards. The first is for the Medway Business Awards which is open for all businesses in the Medway area. We [...]

Don’t Be A Victim Of Fraud

After speaking with a bank manager last week, we have been made aware of a new way fraudsters may attack your business. First, you will receive an unknown payment into your bank account. The fraudsters [...]

Economic Recovery

I was recently catching up on some news about the UK economy and I spotted that the CBI has just published the results of its quarterly survey into the banks and financial services sector. The [...]

Taking Action on Business Growth

I was reading an article by Colin Thompson, the Managing Partner at Cavendish, which resonated perfectly with the theme of our Business Growth Accelerator Programme which I thought would be useful to share with you: [...]